My Story

Hi, I'm Odette.

I am a painter and muralist living in Seattle, WA. I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Cornish College of the Arts, and a Master’s in History and Archives from Western Washington University. My work reflects my educational background with color focused, abstract forms, and references to historic and current social justice issues. I use my art to address issues like sexism, racism, or environmental exploitation because art enables me to communicate about these issues in personal, accessible ways.
My work is made using acrylic paints on mounted birch panels. Using many isolated layers of acrylics, I am able to build up colors and enhance textures, creating luminous colors that feel viscerally satisfying. My images evolve organically, starting as abstract color fields and slowly focusing into forms as I add shapes or elements. I work on many pieces at once, all exploring a specific theme. My work at present is inspired by traditional southern cooking and foodways, the history of black agriculture, and the use of traditional Black cooking as a foundation for Black identity and activism.