Strawberry History, 2019, Seattle WA

This mural was a private commission to honor the five generations this family had been in the Seattle area, as well as recognizing their history as strawberry farmers.



Penguin Borealis, 2019, Ithaca NY

Commissioned by Brightworks Computer Consulting, this mural was designed as an environmental valentine from the penguins to snowy Ithaca, NY.



Tacoma Community College Mural Project, 2018

Tacoma, WA

This mural was a project spearheaded by myself and the TCC Library director, Candace Watkins. A community effort, it was created in collaboration with TCC students who helped to select the themes of this image, focusing on growth, the beauty of the PWN, and the power of connection. The mural was designed in collaboration with Colin Cushman and painted with assistance from Nathan Burnham-Bradley.