Community Mural Projects

All of these murals were community driven projects. The designs and ideas were developed within these communities, and the installation of the work was often a community effort as well.

These are some of my favorite projects because I was able to work directly with students and other community members to make artwork that they could connect with personally. 

Tacoma Community College Mural Project, 2018

Tacoma, WA

This mural was a project spearheaded by myself and the TCC Library director, Candace Watkins. This project was a major community effort, created in collaboration with TCC students, faculty, board members, and community artists. Students developed the themes of this image; focusing on growth, the beauty of the PWN, and the power of connection. The mural was designed in collaboration with artist Colin Cushman and a committee of faculty and board members developed and approved the final design. The mural was painted with assistance from muralist Nathan Burnham-Bradley.



TCC students making their mark:




University Cooperative Student Mural, 2019

Seattle, WA

This mural was a project put together by me and the 1st and 2nd grade students at University Cooperative School. Composed of designs made by the students, we worked together to get the design on the wall and then complete the mural with the participation and support of parents, teachers, and students.



Students working on the mural:




Penguin Borealis, 2019, Ithaca NY

Commissioned by Brightworks Computer Consulting, and adjacent to the State Theater, this mural was designed as an environmental valentine from Brightworks to Ithaca, NY.